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Spending Your Weekends in the Lab? Not Anymore.

Team TFS
Team TFS
shutterstock_317617586Does lack of sample capacity have you stuck in the lab all weekend? Maybe it’s time to change and start enjoying your weekends again.

You arrive at your lab early, determined to get all your samples prepped for screening hundreds of drug candidates. You have 23 well plate libraries to assay with a hard deadline next week and you want to start running as soon as possible on your LC-MS.

Oh wait… there’s a problem: Today is Friday. Your autosampler can only hold three or four well plates and you can’t come in over the weekend to load more samples. Not even your co-worker, who often helps out in the lab will be free to give you a hand this weekend (you even tried a bribe with free coffee and doughnuts).

So what can you do? Cancel your long awaited trip with your family this weekend to be more productive? Not happening.

You decide the best thing to do is to prepare the four well plates that will fit in your autosampler today and try to push through the remaining 19 well plates the beginning of next week with some late nights in lab loading samples (weekly movie night will have to get pushed back).

Sound familiar?

If you had the Thermo Scientific™ Charger module, you could have easily prepped all 23 well plates, protected them from degradation, and run them over the weekend while you were with enjoying time with your family.

The Charger could be your new best friend in the lab allowing you to run very large sample sets without needing to touch your LC setup. With the ability to run and load samples even when you’re busy or not around, the Charger can increase your productivity with no extra effort. A real game changer if you have high throughput or long assay cycle needs.

Just image if in our story above, you had the Vanquish Charger setup.

You would have started your day and prepped your samples knowing you could load all 23 well plates. The Charger would have stored your samples under environmental controlled conditions and loaded your wellplates over the entire weekend or even overnight during the week if you ran out of time to prep all 23 wellplates before you left. The Charger is the industry standard automation that is compatible with all Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ systems. It also has a barcode reader to help keep you organized by reading rack types and protects you from common sample loading mistakes (preventing that feeling of frustration when you realized you put your tray in backwards and all of your data is mislabeled). With the new confidence of consistent data and long term retention time stability provided by the Vanquish UHPLC and Charger you can be more efficient and productive.

Imagine all the free time you could have.

What can the Charger give you?  The ability to run large sample sets unattended for a weekend of results while you enjoy your movie nights or learn a new hobby!


sdfdsfReady to make your life easier with your very own lab automation?

Take a cool virtual tour of the Vanquish platform and the Charger module.

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