See the Wood Through the Trees – Part 2: Neoma MC-ICP-MS/MS

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See the Wood Through the Trees – Part 2: Neoma MC-ICP-MS/MS

Team TFS
Team TFS

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The Thermo Scientific™ Neoma™ MC-ICP-MS has set new standards in Multicollector ICP-MS technology. It delivers on performance with market-leading sensitivity, isotope ratio precision and accuracy, and enables high throughput for routine applications, while retaining the flexibility required for researching new applications.


For the highest selectivity, the MS/MS with collision-reaction cell (CRC) has become available for the Neoma MC-ICP-MS. The Neoma MC-ICP-MS is designed with the MS/MS concept in mind. It has been a wonderful journey, during which this unique MS/MS technology has been developed in both the Thermo Scientific™ Proteus and Thermo Scientific™ Vienna MC-ICP-MS/MS.


The MS/MS option consists of a hexapole collision-reaction cell with a novel pre-cell mass filter, that allows a discrete range of masses to enter the CRC to eliminate secondary reactions in the cell. Reactive gases such as O2, SF6 and NH3 can be used alongside H2 and He.


Adding the MS/MS option to a Neoma MC-ICP-MS does not compromise performance. As isotope sensitivity and exponential mass bias are retained, neither the accuracy nor precision of isotopic analyses are affected, when operated in conventional mode. The MS/MS option on the Neoma MC-ICP-MS gives access to an extra library of dedicated applications


Check our poster and lunchtime presentations at the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting and the 2022 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry in the USA:

  • The development of MS/MS for multi-collector ICP-MS by Darren Tollstrup
  • Triple quad or triple magnet? MS/MS Option for the Neoma MC-ICP-MS by Grant Craig


The new Neoma Multicollector ICP-MS with MS/MS capabilities is illuminating the edge of discovery. How will the Neoma MC-ICP-MS transform your science?


Learn more about the Neoma MC-ICP-MS at


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