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Robotics in your life? It is possible!

Team TFS
Team TFS



Time is money! And this is particularly true when productivity is of primary concern in any type of activity -- whether in our professional or private life.

Can you imagine our future daily life without robotics replacing our most invaluable housekeeping duties? Not really. And it is already happening with machines capable of doing many things for us, like keeping the lawn cut, washing the floor and glass windows, creating a shopping list and sending the order to the supermarket ... giving us back time for more pleasant or valuable activities.

Advanced technological innovations are available today to make our life easier but, most of all, more efficient, enhancing our multitasking capabilities.

Analytical testing laboratories need multitasking people and multitasking instrumentation today more than ever, as they are asked for higher sample throughput to reduce costs and accelerate the return of the investment. This is achievable by a higher level of automation than modern analytical instrumentation can offer, extending unattended routine operations in a very reliable way and allowing chemists to make the most efficient use of their time.

If you are a gas chromatographer, as I am, you might enjoy autosamplers capable of unattended sample handling, extended sample capacity for longer sequences and automated sample preparation capabilities. The Thermo Fisher Scientific autosampler portfolio for gas chromatography is comprehensive for handling non-volatile, semi-volatile and volatile samples with a high degree of automation, providing not only increased sample throughput, but also improving the quality of the analytical results by eliminating possible human errors and reducing the variability of manual operations.

Whether you have a liquid or a solid sample to analyze, the sampling technique for gas chromatography is basically following two main approaches: the injection of the sample as a liquid or the injection of only the most volatile fraction of the sample, called headspace.

If you need to perform only liquid injection,  only headspace injection, or you need the flexibility to do both on the same GC, routine laboratories need the ability to combine a high level of automation with extended robustness for long-term operation, and high injection precision for consistent results over time. That is exactly what the new Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ 500 Headspace Autosampler and the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler for liquid, headspace, SPME injection and sample preparation, can offer modern laboratories.

The TriPlus 500 HS, based on the Valve and Loop technology, is offering a high-performing static headspace sampling combining routine-grade robustness with an increased sample capacity up to 240 vials, for extended unattended sequences of samples. Routine headspace analysis in different application fields such as pharma, food and beverage, environmental or forensic, can benefit from  this degree of automation to maximize the laboratory efficiency.

One of the most important multinational contract testing provider, SGS, had the opportunity to evaluate the TriPlus 500 HS for volatile Extractables and Leachables and residual solvent analyses in pharmaceutical products. You can learn more about their experience in this case study and video interview.

When you need the flexibility of applying different headspace techniques -- like dynamic headspace or SPME -- the robotic Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH autosampler offers time-saving, automated sample handling capabilities coupled with the highest versatility to switch between different injection techniques automatically within the same sequence of samples. Even more complex sample preparation workflows can be fully automated with the TriPlus RSH, overcoming one of the most time consuming steps and critical source of errors in a GCMS analytical workflow when samples are processed manually.  An intuitive Sampling Workflow Editor software is available to easily instruct the TriPlus RSH to automate your daily sample handling workflow. Enjoy this video tutorial which takes you to the world of the visual programming of your robotic autosampler:

That is what advanced technology can offer today to make daily life in the lab much easier and efficient while increasing consistency and the precision of analytical results.