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Team TFS
Team TFS

smart_digesthourglass_helix_1200_editedThe growth of bio–therapeutics has occurred mainly due to the greater success rates within the clinical trials phase of drug development. This means that more drugs are being brought to market. Due to their complex nature, bio-therapeutics have a propensity to change structure which can have a detrimental effect on the efficacy of the drug. As a consequence, peptide mapping is mandated at all stages of the drug development pipeline to ensure integrity.  The sample preparation stage of this process is complex, laborious, subject to error and difficult to automate. This webcast details how new technologies can deliver peptide mapping which is:

    • Fast


    • Easy for untrained operators


    • Reproducible


    • Easy to automate

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn:

    • The challenges faced in peptide mapping and sample preparation


    • How new technologies overcome issues with peptide mapping


    • How new automated technologies compare to existing practices

About the speakers:

Dr. Sara Carillo - Applications development team leader

Dr. Sara Carillo is the applications development team leader in the Characterisation and Comparability Laboratory in NIBRT, Ireland. Dr. Carillo completed her PhD in Chemical Science at the University of Naples in 2013 working on bacterial glyco-conjugates structural characterisation. In 2015 Dr. Carillo joined Dr. Jonathan Bones’s research group in NIBRT, working on CHO cell glycome and biotherapeutics characterisation.

Dr. Ken Cook - EU Bio-Separations Expert

Dr. Ken Cook has 30 years of experience supporting liquid and ion chromatography applications with Dionex and then Thermo Fisher Scientific. Dr. Cook currently supports customers with bio-separations, focusing on biotherapeutics. Previously Dr. Cook was a lecturer in biochemistry at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK where he focused on protein biochemistry.

Watch the webinar >>