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Team TFS
Team TFS

Becoming a parent changes the way we look at the world, and it’s certainly made me think differently about science and the future it can create. When I think of technological and medical advancements, my thoughts are of the benefits for my children and their children. As a mum, I now have a much longer-term view of the world.

With that being said, now I can’t help but get excited about the potential of advanced therapeutic modalities and the impact they are having on people’s lives in the here and now. It really does feel like we are at the dawn of a new era of therapeutic modalities. At Thermo Fisher Scientific we are committed to pushing the boundaries of science to help our customers in delivering next-generation therapeutics to make the world healthier. We are proud to work with many of the world’s leading pioneers and their emerging therapeutic modalities, which have rapidly expanded the range of drug targets, opening a plethora of new life-saving treatments for all major diseases (Video: Watch one patient’s story of receiving cell therapy treatment).

Advanced therapeutic modalities often bring with them many additional analytical challenges. Thermo Fisher Scientific provides robust assays tailored to the analysis of gene therapy products and optimized solutions for oligonucleotide therapeutic analysis.

This summer’s installments of the Leaders in Biopharmaceutical Characterization and Control Webinars have been selected to highlight ways to analyze the next generation of biopharmaceutical products.

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  • Join Professor Albert Heck to hear him describe how Orbitrap-based single particle charge detection mass spectrometry can be used to assess the quality and purity of next-generation biopharmaceutical products.

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  • Understand how a data-dependent MS/MS (ddMS2) method can be applied to oligonucleotide identification, mapping, relative quantitation and impurity analysis

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  • Discover a new automated workflow for mRNA sequencing by high-resolution LCMS

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  • See how Scientists at Regeneron leverage emerging LC-MS techniques to characterize AAV at the subunit and intact levels.

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