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Involved Contributor III
Involved Contributor III
Pittcon 2016Hello from Atlanta, fellow scientists! I wanted to take the opportunity this week to share with you all of the exciting activities from the Pittcon 2016 show floor.

I’m spending the week in the Thermo Fisher Scientific Booth (#2239) meeting scientists, lab managers and thought leaders as we come together to learn how to advance the work we do each day in our labs. What we do matters. Our impact on science helps make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We know we need technology that addresses the demand for quicker response times, deeper data analysis and increased throughput. We need technology that accelerates innovation and enhances productivity in our labs.

There was so much activity today in the booth! Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced many new technologies at the show that are making an impact to improve the quality of our water, ensure the integrity of our food supply, and speed the drug development pipeline. There was quite a crowd gathered to learn more about the new systems!

Like the new Dionex Integrion High-Pressure Ion Chromatography (HPIC) system which separates and quantifies common ionic pollutants in municipal drinking water and wastewater, enabling  faster more cost-effective methods for regulatory compliance testing.

Biopharma labs developing new medicines are conducting high-throughput analyses, biotherapeutic characterization or QA/QC using our new Vanquish Flex UHPLC system that has been built from the ground up for biopharma analysis.

And, the latest elemental analysis system helps scientists who are performing routine and research quality analyses to optimize productivity and streamline method development with the new  iCAP RQ ICP-MS.

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that in all of these workflows, software plays a critical role by turning data into knowledge using our best-in-class  Dionex Chromeleon Data System (of which I am a BIG fan, of course … wink, wink) and our robust Informatics and LIMS offerings and growing paperless lab portfolio.

And, for scientists in rapidly evolving research and development areas such as advanced material science, they must understand more about their materials, faster. The new  DXR xi Raman Imaging microscope is an example of how Raman technology is now more broadly accessible. It is designed to reveal meaningful sample results quickly, without trial and error, and still remain flexible enough to accommodate incisive applications.

Check back tomorrow for another post from Pittcon, I’m going to get up-close to a few of the new systems and show you just how thrilling they are!