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Team TFS
Team TFS
analytical chemistry blogEvery year brings changes that affect us both personally and professionally. It seems that technology moves faster and faster and it can be hard to keep up, which can be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for scientists as techniques like chromatography, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, and sample preparation – not to mention software – continue to make significant advances. As a chemist, researcher, or lab manager, you may have had to deal with some of the following challenges in 2014:

  • Lower limits of detection

  • Measuring new and complex compounds

  • Complying with new government guidelines

  • Shrinking budgets and expanding workloads

  • Multiple and different software programs for the various instruments in your lab

  • A shallow pool of qualified laboratory staff with the required skills

Some or all of the above may have required you to evaluate and adopt new technologies, upgrade existing technologies, or modify methods…even implement entirely new ones. These can be stressful endeavors and having a knowledgeable partner to help you navigate through the changes can be a big relief.

To kick off 2015 on the right foot, we have identified our new year’s resolution as providing you with the resolutions to these challenges and any others that the next 12 months might throw at you so your laboratory can be more productive and operate at higher efficiency.

Because our most important resolution is to help our customers succeed, we will continue to provide you with products, services, software, and knowledge that give you:

  • Innovative approaches that address your complex analytical problems

  • New benchmarks in sensitivity and selectivity to meet virtually any measurement challenge

  • Unsurpassed ease-of-use for beginners and powerful capabilities for experts

  • Accurate, precise results so you can make the best scientific and business decisions that keep your clients happy, satisfied, and loyal

  • A single, integrated software platform that manages your workflow across the enterprise

  • Access to expertise that can help you understand changing regulations and how to best meet them

  • The confidence to consistently meet deadlines, reduce laboratory costs, and increase throughput

Sound good? Then, stay tuned for future blog posts that explore each of these subjects and provide you with useful examples.



Have you made any new year’s resolution for your laboratory this year? If so, tell us what they are and then let’s work together so we’re part of the 8% who actually keep their new year’s resolutions.