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Team TFS
Team TFS
improveIt’s an exciting time in biopharmaceuticals. We are seeing success in immunotherapy-based approaches, new biopharmaceuticals have come to market, increasing approvals for the biosimilars, and an exhilarating biopharmaceutical dominance on the top-selling drug charts.  This progression happens when we share ideas, discuss the latest innovations, and engage with biopharmaceutical experts.

These are the important points at any scientific event, whether it is a live face-to-face event or fully digital. With this focus in mind, we have gathered some key industry leaders in biotherapeutic characterization and control topics, along with expert application scientists to share their cutting-edge research and technologies under one banner and included an interactive Q&A session to complete the experience. Here are some featured speakers and topics in our 2020 Leaders in Biopharmaceutical Characterization and Control Webinar Series.

April 2020


We started our journey in April with a webinar from Jonathan Bones who took a close look at exciting advances in the characterization of biopharmaceuticals as intact entities through the combination of charge variant separations with high-resolution native mass spectrometry. Amy Claydon then shared in her webinar advanced techniques for identification of host cell proteins (HCP) in biopharmaceutical products, and what benefits LC-MS may offer over tools like ELISA.

May 2020


In May, we look forward to hearing about alternative strategies for peptide mapping of some of the more challenging monoclonal antibodies with a webinar from Dan Bach Kristensen and Tom Buchanan. We will also dive into the exciting world of proton transfer charge reduction (PTCR) with a webinar from Luca Fornelli and Kristina Srzentić, who will discuss a novel data acquisition method and potential improvements in characterization using a middle-down MS approach.  This work was recently published in Analytical Chemistry. A webinar from Jennifer Sutton will then take us through the latest release of BioPharma Finder, including advanced new features for characterization of oligonucleotides with key workflows including impurity analysis and metabolism studies.

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Featured Sneak Peek into July-November 2020


Later in the year, we have an excellent webinar on HR multi-attribute method with NIBRT application leader, Sara Carillo. We end the series with a webinar on analytics of gene therapy with an adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector separation workflow. We are thrilled to introduce Julia Baek’s analytical work in gene therapy, a rapidly emerging field with many treatments in development.



I am excited to share this phenomenal nine-part webinar series featuring thought-provoking talks by industry leaders from all over the world in biopharmaceutical characterization alongside application experts from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Latest techniques in characterization and control

  • Real case examples from industry experts

  • Discussions on challenges and solutions within the biopharmaceutical industry

Who Should Attend:

  • Biopharmaceutical scientists with an interest in analytical characterization using chromatography and mass spectrometry

  • People interested in learning about cutting-edge-advances in mass spectrometry for implementation in development through the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals

  • Research scientists and application scientists looking to set-up or advance their chromatography and detection capabilities