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Little Green Chromeleon Monsters Inside Your Lab

Team TFS
Team TFS
gas chromatographyWe have a green animal in our company that we all love and cherish. Most humans are not fond of lizards, and it is true that chameleons are not the cuddliest type of animals compared to kittens or puppies, but this green mini dragon is representing the various ways that Chromeleon assists in today’s modern laboratory. Did you know that Chromeleon is a combination of Chromatography and Chameleon, as the software adapts to any laboratory environment? And that Charlie has chromatographic peaks on his back?

Chromeleon is designed for a wide variety of chromatographic instrumentation, including mass spectrometers. It is the only software that has the ability to drive the complete chromatography lab, making it easy to learn and to switch instrumentation.

In general, a lot of time is spent getting to know the software, or better phrased, getting the software to do what you want the software to do. This is where Chromeleon plays a great role.

The Charlie Evolution:



Your Application is a Couple of Mouse-Clicks Away

Charlie Chromeleon was not born yesterday. He is quite an old animal, and still very much alive and kicking, I hasten to add. During its years of existence the beast has evolved and gathered a world of experience on chromatography applications. We added all these applications into one AppsLab Library, and loading the methods is refreshingly simple.

The first step is simply searching for an application with keywords, and then it is possible to filter for a technique like GC, IC, or LC. All applications that fit the search are shown. The parameters of the application can be downloaded easily in pdf format. The nicest feature, though, is that all method parameters (including compound lists with retention times and m/z if applicable) and reports can be downloaded directly into the Chromeleon software. Information on columns, liners, and all consumables is also shown.

There are over 1600 applications in AppsLab today, and the number is growing every day.

Quality: Getting it Right the First Time, Every Time

What does it take for a lab to have results they can trust? There is a whole range of quality-controlling mechanisms, and dependent on the nature of the lab and application, these controls can vary. Almost all labs have intense and daily quality control routines to ensure accurate results.

A lot of time is spent on fully-validated methods to ensure day-to-day trusted results in daily quality controls. But a lot of time is also spent in initial validation of the instrumentation and application.

Chromeleon has many tools to help laboratories get accurate results, results that can be shared with clients and colleagues. The software is able to perform installation, operation and performance qualifications of the instrumentation.

It is also able to track the results of the quality control samples, the internal standards, the quality of the calibration curve, recovery results, duplicates, and much more. If a sample does not comply with the quality demands, the sampler can be programmed to perform a re-injection or to simply stop the series of sample.

In some laboratories the stringent rules of pharmaceutical controls apply, and Chromeleon can be adapted to handle all data this way too.

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