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My need to commute to work has varied over the last few years, but I have always been able to depend on my car to get me there. I have maintenance routinely performed, but it is 15 years old and, in car years, that’s getting pretty old. It still runs fine, but little things like internal lights and the windshield washer pump work only intermittently.  I’m still able to get from point A to point B when I need to. However, I am starting to worry that something major could go wrong, leaving me stranded and forced to either spend money for expensive repairs or hastily hunt for a replacement. Because I’d rather be proactive than reactive, I’ve started to explore my options for a new vehicle. I’m still hesitant due to the high upfront cost, getting used to the proportions of a new vehicle when parking or in traffic, and sorting through the dizzying array of models to find what will work best for me. At the same time, it’s an exciting opportunity to take advantage of recent automotive innovations such as adaptive cruise control and blind-spot warnings that can make the journey that much more enjoyable.


In a similar way, it could be time to seriously consider replacing your old IC system. It has been running well all these years, but you are concerned about the likelihood of extended system downtime due to the difficulty of getting service or parts. Or maybe you want to explore the full spectrum of options available in a new IC system for shortening your run times.


The first question that might come to mind is, where are you going to find the funds for a new one? Fortunately, Thermo Fisher Financial services has multiple options, including leasing and payment deferral, that can get a new instrument into your hands without having to wait for another budget cycle. Another consideration is method transfer. Once again, there is help for that. There is an abundance of application and technical notes available for download from the AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications that can show you equivalent, if not better, performance with a newer system and chemistry. You can even use the Virtual Column™ Separation Simulator that is available on AppsLab or as part of Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) software, which lets you find the best separation conditions for your analytes by varying the column and elution conditions. Is this new system going to be as dependable and consistent as your current system? One feature that can reduce wear and tear is Thermo Scientific™ Reagent-Free™ IC (RFIC), which exposes the pump to only deionized water. This is all that is needed for eluent generation and suppressor regenerant, greatly simplifying operation and increasing run-to-run consistency.


A final consideration is being able to access your old data and learn how to use a new software version. With Chromeleon CDS software’s drag-and-drop data transfer, intuitive user interface, and setup wizards, the challenge of getting your new IC system up and running is minimized.


To learn more about funding options for IC system purchases, updated system capabilities, IC system robustness, application method transfer, and data transfer and preservation, view the on-demand webinar “Breaking down barriers to IC system replacement.” You’ll even be able to submit any questions that you may have and receive a prompt reply.  Click here to register.


Letting go of your old system sooner rather than later will keep you in the fast lane to optimal productivity.