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Keep Calm and Carry On – Continued Operations with a Chromatography Data System

Team TFS
Team TFS
blogimage1_030421Maintaining productivity is always a challenge when faced with any unforeseen circumstance, but forward-thinking and preventative features can provide resilience, without compromise to security. With the right architecture and system access, the modern chromatography system can enable your business operations to continue.

The Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS) can deliver access to your data and instruments from outside the lab, office or even from remote geographical locations.  This means you can reduce the number of employees in the lab at any one time, remove the need for unnecessary travel and allow others to take over important work, enabling deadlines to be met on time.

So, what can you do to ensure continuous operations for your business? From a CDS perspective, there are many elements, which can reassure end-users allowing for preparation and preventative maintenance.  Let’s take a brief look at the most pertinent considerations:

Infrastructure, which provides remote system access that’s also scalable

blogimage2_030421Providing access to data and instruments is vital for your business to maintain an efficient working environment and, with client-server architecture, it’s made straightforward and, more importantly, scalable from workstation to global enterprise.  All that’s required for Chromeleon CDS is internet connection and from there it’s possible to explore further options like desktop virtualization and cloud computing technologies. Access is available from anywhere and all elements for daily running and system administration are handled by a single software platform that delivers the same experience to all users.

Data security maintained regardless of situation facedlock

A robust and reliable system should always uphold access control and preserve data integrity, so that your data security is not compromised. The software will always maintain a historical record of events, with full audit trail coverage for much needed traceability, and you will only be able to perform actions that are permitted by your designated logon role.  In addition a Chromeleon Data Vault uses encrypted communication for its dedicated services, so that if an outage occurs data ‘in transit’ is secured.


Continued operations when outage or disaster occurs

blogimage4_030421You need to know that when disaster strikes, your CDS has you covered. Chromeleon software’s industry-leading network failure protection ensures 24/7 uptime using its XVault technology which automatically manages your data and instruments during a network interruption, eliminating data loss and allowing laboratory operations to continue.  Local caching of licenses and user credentials means that you can still log on, use instruments and create sequences.


Support and maintenance that delivers assurance for now and the future


Your Chromatography Data System is a critical component for your laboratory and organization. Therefore, it’s important to have confidence in your software – that it is up to date, properly supported and running at optimum efficiency.

Often over-looked, the support plan brings technical support, product updates, access to resources, training and even allows you to build in costs of any future upgrades.  Please take a look through the Chromeleon CDS Support and Maintenance Brochure (SMA) and find out how we can help support your business needs.

Chromeleon CDS has the capability to do all the above and more, streamlining operations and ensuring continuity for your business for now, and just as importantly, for the future allowing you to keep calm and carry on.