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Team TFS
Team TFS
chromatography mobile appsIn my previous role as an analytical chemist, I really did enjoy chromatography method development and that great feeling you get when conquering that key separation. I will admit that starting the process off was sometimes a bit of a challenge and I often turned to external sources of information. But, application notes have always been a great resource for method developers and I have some great news for you, chromatography applications have now gone digital along with the rest of the world!


Digital Library of Analytical Applications

Released at Pittcon 2015, the Thermo Scientific AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications (link to web portal) is now getting known through its catchy name AppsLab library. This is a fantastic tool to help with routine or validated methods or simply to give you a great starting point for more challenging method development experiments. It is open to all and free to use with a guest registration and, as far as I know, is the only online collection of applications where you can search, view, and download complete methods.

The AppsLab has further benefits for our Chromatography Data System (CDS) software (Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon CDS software) users as the methods can be downloaded directly into your CDS software as ready-to-run eWorkflows (link to short overview video on this web page).

As I write, there are already over 1100 applications in AppsLab for a wide variety of markets and, from my perspective, it is great to see that there are nearly 250 dedicated food and beverage applications covering Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography and Ion Chromatography methods with multiple detector options also available.

I would encourage anyone who works with analytical chemistry methods to try it out and see how useful it could be for you in the future.


More Chromatography Apps

As instrument technology moves forward, so do our tools and apps to support them. Here are some other extremely useful apps for the analytical chemist.



Column Genie iPhone App

column genie app chromatographyFind the best column for your application by searching our comprehensive range of HPLC columns. The Column Genie app will help you narrow your search by selecting from a number of column characteristics. By the way, isn't this a great name?



Gas Chromatography Trouble Shooting Guide Mobile or Desktop Version

gc troubleshooting appGain access to the newest GC troubleshooting tools on your mobile device. Use this guide to find solutions for: baseline problems without injection, detector problems with injection and column and inlet problems.



 Periodic Table of Ion Analysis Mobile App

ion analysis mobile appThis app is a quick and handy reference of optimal methods for separating and detecting the most commonly determined ions on the periodic table. Just click on the element of your choice to view application and technical notes to achieve the best chromatographic performance to simplify your analysis.


Charlie Chromeleon Mouse Pointer

chromatography software mouse pointerAnd for a bit of fun, work with Charlie Chromeleon: you can download the Charlie Chromeleon mouse pointer and use it in place of the standard Windows Working in Background and Busy mouse pointers.



Are analytical chemistry software apps or chromatography data systems of interest to your laboratory? If so I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.