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I’m In Charge

Team TFS
Team TFS
chargeDespite my busy schedule as a full-time working parent and tennis team captain, I greatly enjoy when I am in charge of preparing delicious meals in my kitchen, which I tend to run almost like a mini lab. To continuously improve as a cook, I create menus that I repeatedly test and improve again and again. All my ingredients are carefully chosen for the best taste and deliciously nutritious values. The herbs and spices required are always close at hand, and food staples, sourced from trustworthy providers, are planned and stashed away well in advance. Nothing has been left to chance, regardless of whether I am cooking a quick meal or spending time on showstoppers and Asian cuisine blowouts to impress our friends.

In a similar way, you may be a perfectionist about your existing or new charge variant analysis and are keen to find out how thousands of scientists have improved their chromatography?

You need the flexibility to choose between weak and strong ion exchange chemistries for optimal resolution of your variants. You don’t want complicated screening mobile phase conditions, and instead, prefer the simplicity offered by a linear pH gradient.

Take charge of variant analysis and see your protein separations in high resolution

charge-2 charge-3

In this case it might be easier to move away from traditional salt gradient separations and discover Thermo Scientific Workflow solutions to take charge of your UHPLC/HPLC separations.


Our workflow solutions enable you to take charge of your therapeutic protein separations, simplify your method development and increase your resolution. Find high-throughput separation in less than 10 minutes.

Experience the ability to combine your charge variant profile to MS/MS. Learn to generate the highest resolution profile and gain robust, reproducible charge variant solutions that fit all your analytical development needs. You have the option to realize consistent, high resolution separations in less than 10 minutes using the high throughput ProPac Elite or MAbPac SCX columns with CX-1 pH Gradient Buffers.

Recommended for high throughput separations:

303028ProPac Elite WCX 2.1x50
082675MAbPac SCX-10 RS 2.1x50
083274CX-1 pH Gradient Buffer kit; 125ml Buffer A + 125 ml Buffer B

If ultimate resolution and consistency are most important to your lab, 150 mm and 250 mm lengths of these columns are available. This allows you to balance your speed and resolution needs.

Recommended for high resolution separations:

302972ProPac Elite WCX 4x150mm
303025ProPac Elite WCX 4x250mm
085198MAbPac SCX-10, 4x150mm
074625MAbPac SCX-10 4x250mm

CX-1 pH Gradient Buffer kit;

250 mL Buffer A + 250 mL Buffer B

For more information on how to be in charge of variant analysis, see relevant documents:


Application Notes

ProPac Elite WCX LC Columns

Column for Therapeutic Protein Analysis

Column for Therapeutic Protein Analysis

· BioLC Column Brochure

CX-1 ph Buffers

Weak Cation Exchange Chromatography

Salt Gradient Analysis IgG1 Monoclonal Antibodies

Analysis of IgG1 Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies

A global pH-gradient based charge variant analysis directly coupled to HRAM-MS (CVA-MS) for mAb analysis

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