How to Improve Your Bio-therapeutic Analysis

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How to Improve Your Bio-therapeutic Analysis From the Kitchen Table

Team TFS
Team TFS

blogimage_5-18With many of us changing our normal work patterns and spending more time working out of a home office, I have a newfound appreciation of the technology helping me perform my job remotely. Trips into the office and lab are less frequent, and I am utilizing the online tools available to help me both reach out to colleagues and remote-control instruments in Germany from my UK home.

I am also finding the time to pull in information. Snatching an hour here and there to see what remote learning I can find or catching an on-demand webinar once the kids are in bed. This way I can keep up to date with the latest HRAM technology as discussed by Luca Fornelli, University of Oklahoma, or discover the digestion techniques Dan Back Kristensen uses in his cutting edge lab at Symphogen, enabling me to re-develop my strategies so when I do get access to the lab, I know what I can do to create a positive impact.


I have recently had the pleasure of hosting a few live digital events as part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific 2020 Leaders in Biopharmaceutical Characterization and Control Webinar Series. This webinar series is dedicated to bringing key industry leaders in biotherapeutic characterisation together with subject matter application scientists to share their cutting-edge research and technologies in one virtual space.

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Highlighted Industry Speakers

Having this live-stream environment is ideal for discussion and provides the participants with a real opportunity to ask questions right from the mocked-up office or on the kitchen table. The series runs until November 2020, however, all the webinars will be available on-demand, meaning you can access any missed content from the series whenever you like, and even ask questions retrospectively. Plus, you can join in the conversation through social media using #biopharmawebinar.

Catch-up with on-demand viewing




Catch live webinar and Q&A




Key Learning Objectives: 

    • Latest techniques in characterization and control


    • Real case examples from industry experts


    • Discussions on challenges and solutions within the biopharmaceutical industry

Who Should Attend:

    • Biopharmaceutical scientists with an interest in analytical characterization using chromatography and mass spectrometry


    • People interested in learning about cutting-edge-advances in mass spectrometry for implementation in development through the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals


    • Research scientists and application scientists looking to set-up or advance their chromatography and detection capabilities