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blogimage1_031521Confused about what HPLC components you need? This guide will teach you how to easily build your HPLC system and request a quote in just a few clicks with the new system configurator tool.

As a scientist, my natural inclination is to research and find answers to questions. Because of this tendency, when shopping for a larger purchase like a new car, I do background research on my own before walking into a dealership to ask questions.

For example, I might want to do some initial research on gas mileage, warranty information, and some optional accessories important to me before talking to someone. I want to be empowered and knowledgeable so I can ask targeted questions to the sales representative and really feel this investment is the best for me.

Just like buying a car, purchasing a new HPLC is an investment that directly impacts the quality of your science, productivity of your lab, and overall day-to-day work.  And most likely if you are in the situation to purchase an HPLC, you are a scientist, and your natural inclination to research will kick in.

If you are anything like me, the first thing you will do is search for information online. Once you find an HPLC of interest, you will probably visit the vendor’s website to look at product specifications, read brochures, find example applications and see what other tools are available to help your research. For you, it is important to get easy and accurate product information.

To improve your buying experience, we modernized the process for building your LC. One of the cool new tools we launched empowers customers further by allowing them to build an HPLC and get a quote online. Our new configurator tool is easy to use and lets you build your own HPLC and add everything you might need for your system—HPLC accessories, columns, vials, solvents, software, and service plans.

These tools and new features like a product tour and virtual demo on our newly redesigned webpage help chromatographers find the information they need to feel empowered and knowledgeable from the comfort of their own lab. It’s a foolproof way to digitally build a system and compare products.

How to use the Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC System Configurator Tool

  1. Select your components

The first step to building your Thermo Scientific Vanquish LC with our new configurator tool is to choose your pump. The type of pump you select determines whether your system is an HPLC or UHPLC. If you need guidance about whether to purchase an HPLC or UHPLC you can read this educational blog to learn more. If at any point in the configurator you have more than one option to choose from, you can compare the options presented:


Based on the pump you choose; the configurator helps narrow down the compatible autosampler and column compartment option(s) so you can rest assured the system you build is fully compatible.

The last part of the component selection phase is to choose one to two detectors and any required components like flow cells. We have multiple detector options available—from UV-Vis to charged aerosol—and the type of detector you select should complement the complexity of your separations.

Of course, if you are not sure, our sales team can assist and validate your choice after you request a quote.

  1. Select your HPLC accessories and consumables

Once you’ve built out the machinery of your LC system, you’ll have the option to add HPLC accessories and consumables like vials, columns, and solvents all from a single vendor. The accessory choices that are shown are compatible with the system selected and we recommend adding some of our most popular HPLC columns (we have hundreds to choose from but highlighted only a few).

It’s a one-stop-shop for all your chromatography needs so you can work uninterrupted!

  1. Select your software and services

After choosing your components and related products, the third step is to select your Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS software and service plan. For the CDS we offer two choices, an Enterprise or Workstation solution. The Enterprise solution is ideal for a network operation, while the Workstation is best for standalone operations.

Rest assured no matter which option you select the core software drives productivity gains and data integrity by bridging the gap between IT and your lab. If you currently use a different CDS software and don’t want to upgrade, you can bypass this step as our Vanquish systems integrate with other vendor’s software although you might not unlock the full potential of your system without Chromeleon CDS.

  1. Get a quote

The final step of building your HPLC is to submit a quote request. Once you are satisfied with your configuration, submit the form, and a sales representative will contact you to discuss your selection and provide your quote. If you have questions about your selection, our expert trained sales associates understand how our instruments work and the best instrument suited for your applications.

Explore Our New Modernized HPLC Configurator Tool Today

Who knew buying an HPLC could be this easy? With our exclusive configurator tool, you can better understand your purchase options. This improvement provides clarity on the various Vanquish LC System options and allows our sales team to set your lab up for success.

Explore our new configurator tool today and leave your feedback in the comments about your experience.