How Building a Vanquish Neo UHPLC System is Like Creating a Video Game Character

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How Building a Vanquish Neo UHPLC System is Like Creating a Video Game Character

Team TFS
Team TFS

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As a millennial, I’m very aware of the impact technology has on my generation and how it has shaped my expectations. Information is readily available and entertainment options are more convenient. For many millennials (myself included) childhood and teen years were spent in front of a computer rather than “going out to play.”

If you can relate, then, like me, you may have spent countless hours building a perfect Sim to then micromanage their life. The Sims was a popular game released in 2000 in which you create a “Sim,” a virtual avatar of a person whose life you then control. I honed my skills from the delinquent days of deleting refrigerators and pool ladders (if you know, you know) to days of approaching the “game” as an optimization problem.


If I wanted my Sim to be a master painter, I had to ensure I created her properly. She had to have the right aspirations and traits to set her up for success as a master artist. All aspects of her personality had to work in tandem to support this goal.


Now, as a professional working adult, I find that the hours spent playing this game shaped my expectations. I became accustomed to digital tools that enabled me to quickly select options to create the perfect character and now expect this same convenience in every big purchase. I expect to easily identify the options to fit my needs and a streamlined process to purchase the product.


This simple expectation is relatable to scientists looking to purchase new instruments for their lab or business. Your time is valuable and the process to buy a new LC system should be a breeze. With this thought in mind, at Thermo Fisher Scientific™ we’ve extended our configurator tool to make buying your low-flow LC system seamless.


Now you can buy your NEW nano-, capillary-, and micro-flow UHPLC system as easily as you might create your favorite video game character! Here’s how.


How to buy your Vanquish Neo UHPLC system online 


1. Select your model 


The first step to building your Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC system online is to choose a model based on your needs.


The Vanquish Neo UHPLC System is a complete nano-, capillary-, and micro-flow LC solution and supports direct and trap-and-elute injection for highly sensitive applications.


The Vanquish Neo UHPLC System with column compartment extends these capabilities by adding forced air column heating to provide precise temperature control for capillary- and micro-flow columns.  


050422 Model selection.png




2. Choose your detector and components


The next step is to choose one to two detectors and any required components like flow cells. We have two detector options available — variable wavelength or mass spectrometer — and the type of detector you select should complement the complexity of your separations.  


Of course, if you are not sure, our sales team can assist and validate your choice after you request a quote.  


050422 Detector selection.png


3. Select your UHPLC accessories and consumables 


Once you’ve built out the machinery of your low-flow LC system, you’ll have the option to add accessories, well plates and columns — all from a single vendor.


Thermo Fisher guarantees the accessory choices are compatible with the system selected and recommends some of our most popular HPLC columns (we have hundreds from which to choose but highlight only a few that best fit with your instrument). 


It’s a one-stop shop for all your chromatography needs so you can work uninterrupted. 


050422 Accessories and consummables selection.png



4. Select your software and services 


After choosing your components and related products, the third step is to select your software and service plan.


We offer two Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ CDS  choices: enterprise or workstation. The Enterprise solution is ideal for a network operation, while the Workstation is best for standalone operations.


If you currently use a different CDS software and don’t want to upgrade, we also offer an optional instrument control software choice although you might not unlock the full potential of your system without  Chromeleon CDS. SII for Xcalibur is a plugin for mass spectrometry software to provide instrument control and an instrument method editor.  


Rest assured no matter which option you select, the core software drives productivity gains and data integrity by bridging the gap between IT and your lab.


You can also bypass this step, as our Vanquish systems integrate with other vendors’ software.   


050422 Software selection.png


5. Get a quote 


The final step of building your  Vanquish Neo UHPLC System is to submit a quote request.


Once you are satisfied with your configuration, submit the form and a sales representative will contact you to discuss your selection and provide your quote.


If you have questions about your selection, our expert trained sales associates understand how our instruments work and the best instrument suited for your applications. 


Explore all our LC configurator tools today 


With our exclusive configurator tools, you can build your LC system and request a hassle-free quote in minutes. This improvement saves you time while allowing our sales team to set your lab up for continued success. 


Explore all our digital tools today – product tours and configurator – and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.