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Having the Right Tool for the Job Makes All the Difference

Team TFS
Team TFS
toolsI have a large landscaping bed that was quite overgrown with annoying vines. The tools I had to pull the vines with were my hands. Although my hands are great tools for many tasks, this job would have gone much quicker if I also had a clipper and a small trowel. This is just one of several recent situations where I did not have the best tool, or worse, had the wrong tool for a job. It makes the work slow and difficult, even frustrating. I'm sure you have had similar experiences.

It’s the same at work. Sometimes I know about a tool that would make life easier, but don't have it on hand; other times I may not even be aware a helpful tool exists. Today I thought I'd pull together some of the chromatography tools that make my laboratory tasks – and yours – less slow and frustrating.


What's Wrong With My Gas Chromatograph?

Our GC Troubleshooting Guide  (link to mobile app) is an interactive application available through the iTunes™ Store. It is accessible from your laptop or desktop for the utmost convenience in the lab.


What Column Do I Use for My GC Application?

This GC Column Configurator (link to configurator app) is a tool to help gas chromatographers select the ideal GC column based on their current configuration. Download it to your iphone.


How Do I Fix My HPLC or Sample Preparation Issues?

Troubleshoot an HPLC issue (link to troubleshooting app) with this handy tool. Choose your technique and the problem you are experiencing and up pops a list of possible causes and solutions.


What HPLC Column Do I Need for This Analysis?

Select the right column for your method. Download the latest HPLC column app for access to Column Genie, the HPLC column selection tool for your mobile device.


Do I Really Need to Label Every Vial by Hand?

This is a great vial labeler (link to Virtuoso system product page) that is an error-free option to manual vial labeling that turns a necessary chore into a value-added component within a laboratory workflow. If you want to find out how much it helps, try this calculator.


How Do I Analyze for That?

The AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications (link to AppsLab page) is a fully searchable analytical method repository where you can find applications with detailed method information, chromatograms, and related compound information. All the information needed to run, process, and report the analysis is available in ready-to-use eWorkflows downloadable directly to Chromeleon Chromatography Data System software.


Looking for Ideal Ion Chromatography Separation and Detection Techniques?

This one you’ll have to register for in order to get the application. This app is a quick and handy reference of optimal methods for separating and detecting (link to mobile app) the most commonly determined ions on the periodic table. Just click on the element of your choice to view application and technical notes to achieve the best chromatographic performance to simplify your analysis.


Am I Using the Right Plate and Mat for My Autosampler Samplers?

Find your best match from the first complete and tested portfolio of well plates (link to selector tool on product page) and chromatography applications. You’ll find innovative solutions for high-density sample handling.


These are just a few tools and links that I have found useful lately. Let me know what you've found that's helped you get the job done and be more successful.


Additional Resources

I also like selector guides. The IC Columns Selector Guide and Bio-IC Column Selector Guide (links to pdf) come to mind. The tried-and-true Columns and Consumables catalogs (link to various versions) are also popular tools for finding what you need.