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Do you struggle to transfer validated HPLC methods between labs or different instruments? Is your business losing money or missing critical deadlines due to the struggle? You are not alone.


Transferring a validated method from one HPLC system to another is rarely a smooth or enjoyable process. Differences in the hardware designs between two instruments can affect chromatographic results. You might tinker with parameters to replicate the method or even change the tubing or mixers to match the dead volume, which may result in re-qualification of the system — a lot of extra time and mental agony.


The good news is your HPLC method transfer process does not have to be complicated. With intelligent tools like a tunable gradient delay volume (GDV) built into the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Core HPLC system, you can simplify and expedite method transfer hassle-free.


Here is a full breakdown of the hardware and software features within the Vanquish Core HPLC system, making adopting outside methods simple.  


How a tunable GDV simplifies method transfer


For gradient HPLC methods, the instrument GDV plays a central role in successful method transfer. Defined as the volume from the point of mixing of the eluents to the column head, modifications in the GDV between instruments can cause a loss of retention time precision and resolution. 


tunable GDV can help conserve analyte elution profiles, empowering you to transfer methods easier and faster. The autosampler in the Vanquish Core HPLC system features an integrated metering device as part of the flow path. This feature enables you to tune the GDV of the system from 0–230 µL. 


If you need an adjustment volume greater than 230 µL or want the flexibility of a larger GDV, you can opt for the method transfer kit. This optional kit allows you to increase the GDV up to 430 µL without altering the qualification status of your instrument. You can see a visual demonstration of how adjusting the GDV works here.


Full Vanquish Core HPLC system features to simplify HPLC method transfer


The Vanquish Core HPLC system is equipped with a full suite of hardware and software, to streamline your method transfer process: 

  • Tunable GDV from 0 – 430 µL to match retention time and resolution.
  • Two unique column thermostatting modes to conserve analyte selectivity.
  • Custom injection programs for strong solvent samples to minimize peak distortion from solvent mismatches.
  • Simple set up and use with Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS.
  • Full regulatory compliance by audit trail tracking and qualification.


These additional instrument solutions give you the flexibility to transfer methods between labs or another vendor system efficiently.


No more pulling your hair out over missed deadlines and lost revenue.


Productivity and confidence will define you.



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Your future is bright, so let the world leader in serving science be your light.