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Good Planets Are Hard to Find

Team TFS
Team TFS
shutterstock_263730959With your long, stressful work week coming to a close, what better way to welcome the weekend than with a celebration to recognize Earth Day! Think you know everything there is to know about our planet and the origins of Earth Day? Take this quiz and put your expertise to the test. Don’t know a lot about Earth Day (don’t be embarrassed if the answer to this question is “yes”)? Take a few minutes to catch up here and read on for a quick overview.

Believe it or not, Earth Day started over 40 years ago in 1970. On that day, 20 million people (statistically, that’s roughly 1 out of every 10 Americans!) poured into the streets of the United States to demand that environmental issues be recognized and addressed. This movement received so much attention that the tail end of 1970 saw the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), as well as the creation of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts.

That national movement went global on April 22, 1990 when 200 million people rallied around the world to raise awareness of serious environmental issues. The success of that event was partly responsible for the United Nations Earth Summit that took place in Rio de Janeiro 2 years later.

Please take a few minutes to recognize the importance of today. Without people working together to fight against environmental pollution and other Earth-unfriendly activities, the world wouldn’t be the healthier, cleaner, safer place that it is today. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

Let us know what you do to celebrate Earth Day!