Finding Ion Chromatography Parts Gets Easy

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Finding Ion Chromatography Parts Gets Easy

Team TFS
Team TFS



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It’s always been a challenge to find parts for something after you’ve had it for a few years. A lot of times you probably can’t even find the manual, let alone the part number. All you may have is a description. One example of this that I have experienced is replacing bulbs in my car. They rarely need replacing, but when they do, I typically go into scramble mode trying to find the correct replacement. I usually go to my local auto parts store, which is just around the corner from me. When I get there, I’m overwhelmed by the selection on display. There is a touchpad that lets you enter the car model, but I’m still presented with a multitude of options with choices that include the spectrum of light emitted and expected lifetime. I just want to replace it with the one I currently have. Unfortunately, they often don’t have the exact same part number available because it’s been discontinued and it’s not clear what the alternative is. It should be pretty simple, but this is seldom the case. Online is certainly an option, but even there, it can be hit or miss depending on how well the site is laid out and the details provided.


Fortunately, when it comes to discontinued Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Ion Chromatography (IC) and sample preparation system replacement parts, the task is much easier. Simply visit the Product Replacement Advisor website, where you’ll have the option to search for parts by name or number (SKU). You will be presented with the replacement part linked to the product information page. There are also helpful comments on this part, with a description of where this part is used so you can confirm the part you are selecting is the correct one. 


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If there is no alternative or product page available, a single click will take you to the product support page for assistance in determining your options available so that you can continue to get the results you have come to expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific products. And if your system is really starting to show its age, needing increased attention to keep it performing adequately, it might be time to consider getting a replacement. Visit the Lab-Forward Trade-In Program Ion Chromatography web page for informative videos on overcoming the barriers to trading in your system, a recommended replacement based on your current system, and financial options for making that new instrument a reality. And if you have an automated Sample Preparation or Discrete Analyzer system that is ready to trade in, there are specific sites for those too.


Either way, we’ve got you covered. And you don’t even have to leave the lab. Unless it’s coffee time. Then, absolutely.


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