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Faster Anion Analysis in Municipal Water Using a Small and Simple Ion Chromatograph

Team TFS
Team TFS
drinking-water_111320Ion chromatography (IC) is one of the best methods for analyzing anions in drinking water. IC allows for multiple ions in one sample to be identified and quantified using one technique with little to no sample preparation. Most municipal water samples can be injected directly, however, filtration may be done on some samples. IC also provides more than enough sensitivity to achieve the required reporting levels and limits. Both the EU Drinking Water Directive and the US EPA list ion chromatography as a choice method for the analysis of common anions in drinking water.

Often, a result is needed quickly and easily to ensure safe drinking water. Fast results can help adjust treatment processes in a timely manner and maintaining the optimal disinfection levels is of the utmost importance. Too little disinfection agents, such as chlorination or ozonation, will not be effective enough, putting public health at risk. Too much can affect the taste of the water, but that is not the biggest issue with an overabundance of disinfection agents. Depending on the disinfection agent, harmful byproducts, such as trihalomethanes, bromate and others, can be formed. These disinfection byproducts pose a risk to human health, many of which are suspected carcinogens.

The new Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Easion™ Ion Chromatography System provides a small and simple solution for monitoring common anions in drinking water at a low cost. Using the Dionex IonPac AS29-Fast-4μm column, excellent separation of the common anions can be achieved in well under 10 minutes. The IonPac AS29 is also ideal if you have samples with higher ionic strengths. The Easion IC system is also very easy to setup and run. Preconfigured analysis kits give you everything needed to run right away. No other auxiliary items are required, such as peristaltic pumps, which require constant attention and maintenance.

To celebrate simplicity in ion chromatography for fast and rugged anion analysis in drinking water and to learn about the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Easion™ Ion Chromatography System, download our application note: Fast and rugged method for low-cost determination of anions in water.