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It Takes Two to Tango


Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) is one of the most powerful and versatile tools available for quantitative and qualitative analysis.


LC-MS users often divide themselves into one of two camps – chromatographer or mass spectrometrist. If you ask a chromatographer about mass spectrometry, they may just refer to it as a detector. If you ask a mass spectrometrist about liquid chromatography, they’ll just consider it the front end to their mass spectrometer. (Which one do you identify with most? Check out this blog post to learn more.)


However, as the name implies there are two parts to consider – liquid chromatography AND mass spectrometry. To get the best performance and data from both instruments, scientists need to focus on both ends – the separation and the detection.


Although liquid chromatography technology plays an essential part in LC-MS analysis, it is often overshadowed by advances in mass spectrometer performance and usability. What’s important to recognize is that without some sort of separation technique — like liquid chromatography — to help separate the sample in time and reduce the interfering matrix, it’s likely impossible that a mass spectrometer alone could get the level of detailed sample analysis for complex samples without it.


Like a covalent bond, it truly takes two to tango.


Lucky for you we just kicked off a six-part podcast series called “How Liquid Chromatography Is Pushing the Boundaries of Low-flow LC-MS Analysis.” In this exclusive series, you’ll understand the crucial role of nano-, capillary-, and micro-low LC separations in proteomics LC-MS applications.


You’ll even learn why the new Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Neo UHPLC system with the new Thermo Scientific™ PepMap™ Neo nano-flow LC column is revolutionizing the world of low flow-UHPLC, helping to enable all LC-MS users, from experts to novice, to get high-quality results every time.


What’s even more exciting is our first three podcasts just dropped. If you have 15 minutes to spare, listen to episode one and learn “Why Liquid Chromatography Is a Must for Mass Spectrometry.”


We have six short podcasts in the pipeline with our partners at LCGC to hear about the latest updates from experts in the world of low-flow LC-MS analysis


Make sure you bookmark this page or follow us on LinkedIn so you know when the last three episodes drop.

  1. Why liquid chromatography is a must for mass spectrometry
    Speaker: Dr. Alexander Boychenko (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
    Recording: Listen now
    Transcript: Download
  1. LC-MS proteomics: will micro-flow LC transform it into a routine tool?
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kuster (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
    Recording: Listen now
    Transcript: Download
  2. Setting the Record in Deep Single-Shot Nano LC-MS proteome profiling
    Speaker: Karl Mechtler (Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Austria)
    Recording: Listen now
    Transcript: Download
  1. Making Ultra-Sensitive Analysis of Limited Samples and Single Cells a Reality
    Speaker: Dr. David Perlman (Merck Exploratory Sciences Center, United States)
  2. Accelerating Productivity of Nano LC-MS Analysis With Advanced Liquid Chromatography Setups
    Speaker: Dr. Bogdan Budnik (Harvard University, United States)
  3. Developing Technologies for High-Impact Proteomics and Protein Chemistry Research
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert Moritz (Institute for Systems Biology)





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