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Team TFS
Team TFS
shutterstock_309927023Earth day is about celebration. Together with 193 countries around the globe we celebrate our commitment and support for environmental protection. In the face of changing environmental policies and increased news coverage of environmental exposure events it’s important that we stay positive and focus on what can be done to advocate efforts to protect our earth.

However, staying positive about the current state of our environment may not always be easy. We can see the visible impacts of #climatechange and the pollution present in our immediate environment. As part of my role here at Thermo Fisher Scientific I have the privilege of attending environmental analysis conferences around the globe. While interacting with leading scientist and researchers is an awesome opportunity it also comes at the cost of awareness. Upon returning from these conferences you can hear me saying things like “honey, don’t eat that there’s a lot of pesticides in it” or “we can’t drink the water because …”  There’s always another story to share about increased exposure to harmful contaminants and how they are being spread: Brominated flame retardents in our electronics and textiles, pharmaceuticals in our lakes and stream....

Luckily we have some brilliant scientists around the world that are working to determine the impact of environmental contaminants today and prevent their impact tomorrow. Though these scientists are part of the broader effort to curb pollution and limit environmental exposure to harmful contaminants, help is still needed to advocate for environmental protection. (Shameless plug) Some of those scientists will be featured in our 11thPOPs and Emerging Contaminant Symposium. This is a free event that we host for our environmental analysis customers to allow them to share their research with other researchers from around the world and collaborate.

While there may be uncertainty under a new administration and there could be changes  to current environmental policies it’s our job to  remain educated on sound scientific practices to maintain awareness and educate on environmental issues. Grass roots efforts through social media to identify polluters and raise visibility to exposure events are also imperative. #FlintWaterCrisis #GoldKingMine #Pollutionshaming #littershaming

On April 29 a People's Climate March on Washington is planned to rally and stand up for our communities and climate protection.  Climate activist Bill McKibben, the co-founder of, referenced the event in a Rolling Stone interview stating "Politicians need to be reminded, even as they do the bidding of the industry, that the rest of us are watching".

Everybody plays a role in protecting of the earth. Have we asked ourselves what our legacy will be? As scientists and chemists many of us endeavored into this field of research and study with a predisposition for helping the world in some way. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we can do to make our planet a beautiful place for generations to come.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Learn about some of the impact our products have on businesses that are ensuring the health and safety of our drinking water and environment.

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