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Team TFS
Team TFS

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Don’t miss your opportunity to join thought leaders and industry experts in three upcoming pharma-focused events.

We will kick things off with a webinar focused on the real impact of HPLC. We will then attend AAPS in Boston, Mass. Finally, we will wrap up with a second webinar focused on nitrosamines.


Read below for event highlights, details and where to register.


Event #1: On-demand webinar: Back-to-school: The real impact of HPLC and column parameters


Join us for this educational back-to-school webinar where James Grinias, University of Rowan, and Frank Steiner, Thermo Fisher Scientific, will discuss strategic approaches for development optimization and transfer of legacy and modern HPLC methods utilizing gradient elution.


Key learning objectives:

  • Understanding of gradient-based LC separations
  • Scalable parameters in pharmacopeial method modernization
  • Tricks & tips for method development and transfer

Click here to watch.


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Looking for more information on method transfer? Click the link here to explore our learning center.  


Event #2: Conference – AAPS


Join Thermo Fisher Scientific at AAPS in Boston, Mass., Oct. 16-19,, 2022 at the Boston Convention Center.

During the event on Oct. 17, from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m., join Paulina Pinedo-Gonzalez, SGS, and Simon Szwandt, Thermo Fisher Scientific, as they present how successful collaboration delivers impactful solutions to novel pharma challenges.


Pinedo-Gonzalez and Szwandt will discuss how working closely with the pharmaceutical industry to understand day-to-day problems allows you to achieve practical solutions to enhance the potential of bringing a drug to market.


In extractables and leachables (E&Ls) analysis, the combination of three detection techniques — CAD, UV and HRAM-MS — gives confidence in the semi-quantitation of unknown extractables.


For nitrosamine analysis, automation mitigates many established false-positive risks like contamination and artefactual formation. The development of a single sample preparation for LC-MS and GC-MS enables orthogonal confirmation.


Event #3:  Webinar -  N-Nitrosamines, the Evolution of Concerns


On Nov. 2, join Andrew Teasdale, Ph.D., from AstraZeneca, to learn about navigating a drug substance contamination issue related to N-nitrosamines. 


During this webinar you will learn about:  

  • The formation of API-related N-nitrosamines in formulated products where the active is a secondary amine is virtually unavoidable 
  • The principle of avoidance aligned to acceptable intakes, based on potent dialkyl amines, e.g., NDEA (26.5ng/day), threatens to see widespread withdrawal of whole classes of pharmaceuticals 
  • What is being done to avoid the disaster we face 

Register for the webinar here.


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