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Team TFS
Team TFS
dim-sumDim sum is great since it offers a large variety and selection to choose from, depending on your taste and needs in that moment!

If you have ever experienced the joy of a good dim sum brunch, you’ll easily understand how having a variety of delicious dumplings in steamer trays rolled past you is a good thing!

If you have never had a chance to try dim sum, I’m sorry since you’re missing out, but let me explain – dim sum is usually something done on a weekend morning/afternoon brunch with a group of friends and family – if you bring more people it just means you can order more baskets of dumplings and try more things.

There are usually several steamer carts pushed around each with their own set of dumplings. As the wait staff pushes these carts, they stop by every table and present what they’re offering– opening up the steamer baskets letting you peek inside. If you like what you see, you can point and they give it to you right then and there. Since the baskets only contain a few dumplings you can get a lot of variety and taste everything! Some of my favorites are har gow (shrimp) dumplings, siu mai, char siu bao (BBQ pork buns), and the trendy xiaolongbao (soup dumplings).

Having a variety to choose from is never a bad thing,in fact it’s often beneficial.

In the lab having a variety of columns and consumables at your disposal is equally as important, as you never want to run low on supplies when you need them most – in the middle of an experiment!

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a huge variety of chromatography columns and consumables that letyou obtain everything you need from one vendor easily and quickly. With a large portfolio of GC, LC and IC columns to choose from, and all the associated consumables you would need to support your workflow, you can bet Thermo Fisher has you covered.

Check out our newest Chromatography Columns and Consumables catalog online to see the expansive variety of products we offer.

And if you bought a new GC or HPLC instrument from Thermo Fisher Scientific, you can take advantage of our Better Chromatography discount program which provides you a substantial discount on your first order of consumables from you try out new items and helping ensure you’re fully prepared and never run low on the consumables you need.

Cheers to variety and choice in dim sum and in chromatography consumables!