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Automate Sample Preparation for PFAS Analysis in Drinking Water

Team TFS
Team TFS
blog-image2Now you can automate sample preparation for the analysis of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in drinking water by EPA method 537.1 and method 533. We are all in the market to support laboratory cost savings and reduce the risk of errors and re-runs. The Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 PFAS Solid-Phase Extraction Instrument was designed to help laboratories overcome the challenges associated with current labor-intensive manual methods and eliminate manual steps. The new system is a high-throughput solid-phase extraction (SPE) system based on the established AutoTrace 280 instrument.

 PFAS are among the most persistent of today’s environmental pollutants and growing concern is putting environmental, municipal water and public health laboratories under increasing pressure to produce accurate, reliable detection with increased throughput.

The AutoTrace 280 PFAS Solid-Phase Extraction Instrument is designed to ensure performance in sample preparation for PFAS analysis in drinking water using the SPE and liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry techniques designated in EPA method 537.1 and method 533, and similar procedures. You will be able to extract these analytes from large volume aqueous samples easily and efficiently, automating all four steps of SPE (conditioning, loading, rinsing, and eluting), and simultaneously processing up to six samples in 2-3 hours with only 15 minutes of operator involvement.

Learn more about the AutoTrace 280 PFAS and Thermo Fisher’s range of solutions for PFAS analysis here:
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