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Team TFS

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Our world today is anything but normal. In fact, leaders and futurists consider this world the “never normal,” in that everything will always be in flux and what is normal will constantly be redefined.


What is even more exciting is that amid this never normal, global pharmaceutical manufacturing is continuing its digital transformation. The latest analyst report estimates that global pharmaceutical manufacturers will invest US$4.5 billion in digital transformation by 2030[1] to track, optimize operations and boost productivity. 


Why? It is simply because the global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry needs to adapt to the changing environment with digital strategies that will enable them to be more connected, more productive, and compliant to regulations. In addition, the pharma industry needs to undertake a faster and more effective approach to address problems as they emerge.


As the global pharma industry transforms in such a changing environment, Asia’s laboratory managers and professionals have many questions and challenges that need to be addressed.


Thermo Fisher Scientific is stepping forward to help Asia’s scientific community address the challenges by creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and expert learning, as well as developments in technology innovations.


New innovations in liquid chromatography


Coming up in September 2021, we have a special virtual event with global experts to help you, members of the scientific community, raise productivity and gain confidence in your results every single time. We also will showcase the newest liquid chromatography solutions to empower your laboratory to meet productivity demands and bring products to market faster.


Register now at


Virtual learning


We believe that through knowledge sharing, we can work with the scientific community to progress for the greater good of society.


As such, commencing on 6 October, 2021, Thermo Fisher Scientific will host Pharma 4.0 – 2021, Transformation Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, an eConference, and a series of online forums in October and November 2021.


Expert speakers at this Pharma 4.0 eConference and forums will include several of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies,   such as Moderna, as well as regulators. Among the topics they will discuss: 

  • Managing Pharmaceutical Quality: In and Beyond COVID
  • Impact of COVID on Pharma 4.0
  • Strategies for Streamlining Biologics Production
  • The Key Role of Analytical Procedure Lifecycle Management

There also will be discussions with experts on regulatory and quality issues. We welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback on topics of discussion at the forums. Email us at


Register early for the eConference at


This eConference is a follow-on to our highly successful virtual learning series and live video forums on Pharma 4.0 in 2020. In that series, experts and participants from more than 12 locations across Asia had discussed pertinent issues such as regulatory and quality challenges, emerging technologies and transformation to the laboratory of the future.


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