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ASMS 2017 – Day 4 – The Performance Gap Just Got Wider

Team TFS
Team TFS
asms-2017_day-4_the-performance-gap-just-got-wider_blogThis year, we’re excited to announce at ASMS 2017 the GC Orbitrap technology that is raising the bar even further in the world of HRAM GC-MS with new technology and tools for the Q Exactive GC and Exactive GC systems. Already setting the pace in HRAM GC-MS, the technology now features:

 Variable electron voltage (VeV) Technology

Available for existing and new customers, new Variable electron Voltage (VeV) technology automates tuning for lower eV settings for Electron Ionization (EI). VeV is a softer EI technique, which promotes higher mass signals and increases sensitivity for compounds prone to extensive fragmentation.

TraceFinder Automated Compound Identification

TraceFinder software features a specialist spectral deconvolution and automated compound ID tool for Orbitrap GC-MS.  These tools utilise high resolution spectral deconvolution, library searching (low resolution and high resolution libraries) and high resolution filtering (HRF) to drill down to high confidence putative identifications.   Now with the new addition of Kovats retention index to the scoring algorithm, confidence in compound identification is further improved, especially relating to isomeric compounds.

Orbitrap GC-MS HRAM Metabolomics Library

 The Thermo Scientific Orbitrap GC-MS HRAM Metabolomics Library is the first commercially available high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) metabolomics library for electron ionization (EI) GC-MS.  When used in combination with powerful Orbitrap GC-MS technology and unique Thermo Scientific software data processing tools, the difficult challenge of metabolite identification in untargeted experiments is easier than ever before.

Click here for more on the new tools and technology or stop by ASMS booth #601 to learn more.