A Wave of Oligo and Peptide Therapeutics Solutions to Surface at TIDES USA 2022

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A Wave of Oligo and Peptide Therapeutics Solutions to Surface at TIDES USA 2022

Team TFS
Team TFS

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“Oligonucleotide, mRNA, and peptide therapeutics” – that’s what the TIDES USA 2022 conference is all about. The conference is being held online and live in Boston, Mass., May 9-12.


What are these molecules, and why is there an entire conference dedicated to them? Oligonucleotide therapeutics (oligos) are a newer class of drugs composed of synthetic DNA or RNA. They can be used as a starting point for modulating gene or protein expression for therapeutic benefit. mRNAs are long single-stranded RNA that enables the body to make the proteins we need to prevent, treat, or cure diseases. Therapeutic peptides, on the other hand, may also be natural or synthetic, and are a unique class of pharmaceutical agents typically with molecular weights of 500-5000Da, that can have a direct impact on disease or a patient’s condition.


There are unique challenges to discovering and creating oligonucleotide, mRNA, and peptide therapeutics. The oligos, mRNAs, and peptides themselves can be unstable or immunogenic and can also be difficult to deliver to specific cells or organs and even permeating cell membranes. Just as importantly, new oligo, mRNA, and peptide therapeutics must undergo rigorous quality tests and show safety and efficacy in extensive clinical trials. Even when approved for use, continued testing is needed to ensure that the often-complicated manufacture of these novel therapeutics is consistent and the resulting drug products are of the highest quality.


In the four days of TIDES USA 2022, scientists will be discussing and sharing not only research on new oligos, mRNAs and peptides, but the workflows, instruments, consumables, and services that support them as they work to bring these revolutionary medicines to market. Thermo Fisher Scientific™ will participate (booth #515) in this year’s conference and will be exhibiting a complete, end-to-end portfolio of materials and services for every step in the development of nucleic acid and peptide therapeutics.


Thermo Fisher will present a spotlight presentation at TIDES on May 12,12:20-12:50 p.m.  This presentation will feature a roundtable discussion with technical experts in mRNA production, purification and analysis. The panel will discuss many common questions and critical considerations for mRNA production. Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Raw material considerations
  • In vitro transcription scale-up
  • mRNA purification
  • Managing impurities
  • Analysis of oligonucleotides and mRNA therapeutics

For those unable to attend TIDES USA 2022, view Thermo Fisher’s resources for mRNA manufacturing; if you’re focused on oligonucleotides and impurity analysis, request your free oligonucleotide toolkit.