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8 Reasons to Consider Chromeleon CDS

Team TFS
Team TFS
cds-2Have you ever used a piece of software and thought, “Why does this need to be so complicated?” I know I have. Thankfully, there has been an incredible improvement in the last 20 years with respect to User Interface and User Experience (UI & UX) and most modern software is now much easier to use. Unfortunately, there are lots of legacy programs still running in enterprise environments that have not yet been upgraded, because making decisions to change can be very difficult.

We have all experienced how hard it can be to make a big decision. We can be overwhelmed by options and information and get mentally fatigued very quickly, sometimes making decisions we later regret or simply delaying decision making altogether. Choosing a Chromatography Data System (CDS) is no exception. There are several factors to consider and many people will be affected by the decision. However, if the correct CDS is chosen, the potential gains in productivity and employee happiness can be well worth it.

Chromeleon CDS is a modern software application built with the latest standards for Microsoft Desktop Applications and the latest UI & UX principles. On top of this, Chromeleon offers unmatched multi-vendor control and support of High-resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) Mass Spectrometers (MS) with tools to easily maintain full GxP compliance. In addition, Chromeleon offers a scalable enterprise solution supporting both SQL & Oracle Databases. Finally, Chromeleon is easy to use and has been designed to be familiar, emulating some elements of your favorite applications like Word and Excel. This means reduced training requirements and more efficient usage.

If you are struggling with your current legacy CDS application and think it is time to consider another more modern option, then look at the following eight reasons to consider Chromeleon CDS:

1. Multi-vendor IC/LC/GC – a huge number of supported modules and MS Control of HRAM in a compliant solution

Industry-leading multi-vendor control supports over 750 different instrument modules from over 20 manufacturers. The latest Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers, as well as Single Quads and Triple Quads (for IC-MS, LC-MS and GC-MS), are all supported in Chromeleon.

2. eWorkflows to streamline operations

eWorkflows are saved packages of sequence construction blueprints with associated instrument methods and processing methods that allow users to start a fully formed, ready-to-go sequence with pre-populated standards, blanks, unknowns, etc., all with just a couple of clicks. eWorkflows help ensure that your users follow your SOPs by ensuring that the right version of the right method is used for every analysis on every instrument, ensuring you get the right results the first time, without deviations.

3. Database agnostic – SQL or Oracle

Chromeleon integrates with SQL or Oracle databases, meaning you can select whichever one is better suited to your enterprise infrastructure.

4. Full GxP / 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities

In regulated environments, it doesn’t matter how easy to use the software is, if the software doesn’t have tools to enable GxP / 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Luckily, Chromeleon has both. The application that your users see is simple and easy to use and the administration console that your System Administrator uses is intuitive and equips them with the tools needed to ensure compliance is maintained. Audit trails record everything that occurs during the usage of the software and the connected instruments. This critical information can be reviewed during an audit and removes any doubt about what has happened.

5. Reports in an Excel-like environment – use your existing Excel knowledge of formulas to reduce the learning curve and avoid using non-compliant Excel reports

The reporting engine inside Chromeleon is built to look and feel like Microsoft Excel. This means it is easy to migrate existing excel-based reports into Chromeleon. Once this has been done, your knowledge of Excel formulas can be used to address all your reporting requirements. Most importantly, the reports inside of Chromeleon are controlled by the compliant features, meaning you can rest assured that your reports are secured and managed within the CDS.

6. Data integrity and audit trail reviews. Versioning of processing methods, sequences & templates – read-only studio and restore old versions

Data integrity and compliance via audit trails and audit trail reviews are a growing requirement from the governing bodies.  As a result of Chromeleon’s versioning functionality, you can view old versions of methods, sequences, and templates to easily track the history of your data and see the effect of changes over time. In addition, you can view old versions of methods, sequences, and templates in the studio and restore old versions as required. Of course, all of these changes and modifications are recorded in the audit trails to ensure full compliance.

7. Easy-to-use software – User Interface like you are used to in Office Apps

The UI of Chromeleon is designed with the same UI concepts as Microsoft Office so your users instantly know how to navigate the parts of the application that they need to use. As in Office Applications, as the context of the application changes, so too does the UI. For example, in the studio when you select a peak, you see options related to peaks.

8. Scalable solution from one workstation, up to hundreds of PCs on an enterprise network

The final and most important aspect of Chromeleon CDS is its scalability. Chromeleon is designed to be the perfect solution for your lab, whether you have a single instrument connected to a single workstation or a global enterprise deployment over multiple sites. With Chromeleon’s flexible architecture, you can be sure that whatever solution you deploy today, can meet your needs of tomorrow.
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