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5 Reasons to Consider Ordering Columns, Consumables and even Instruments Online…

Team TFS
Team TFS
blog-image_021721You probably ordered most of your holiday gifts online; maybe you buy your groceries through the web and your favourite books can be digitally purchased in seconds via the internet. So why not think about ordering your chromatography columns, consumables and even instruments online too? In our current ‘socially distanced’ climate, a touch-free, time-efficient shopping experience is more important than ever. Here are five reasons why you might consider utilizing an online account...

  1. 24/7 access to browsing and ordering

It’s Friday evening and you suddenly realise you forgot to make that call and place your order, again. Monday comes around and a full day in the lab makes it impossible to get to the phone, so the cycle continues. What if you could log into your account after hours and with a few simple clicks, place an order for those columns you need every couple of months? Your credit card details are saved, or your procurement system is already synced up. Your shipping details already confirmed. A few steps later and your order can be placed, leaving you to relax knowing your goods are safely on their way.

  1. Track your order

A new single order status tool allows you to quickly check on your online order status, requiring only your order number and zip/postcode. This means you don’t even need to log into your account to get a status update; particularly helpful if you are collaborating with colleagues who also need to be in-the-know. You can also log into your account at any time to get more detailed updates and track delivery details, allowing you to plan accordingly.

  1. Instant online quotes

Time is precious, so with the option to add your selected products to an online shopping cart and populate an online web quote instantly, you can save yourself time on extra communications. While in your shopping cart, you can even transfer or share the cart with a colleague via email, helping you collaborate internally with others to complete your order in the most efficient way.

  1. Streamline your ordering

Chromatography products live on alongside literally hundreds of thousands of other key products. If you are currently buying your lab essentials online, why not extend that online order to include your chromatography products too, saving time and resource by consolidating your orders? We already have over 5,000 chromatography columns, consumables and accessories set up for online ordering and if you are based in the USA, you could benefit from our recently launched online ordering for Ion Chromatography instruments. US customers can now order Essential IC Systems Aquion & Easion, preconfigured to include all the accessories needed to start using your instrument without delay.

  1. Reorder quickly

Can’t remember exactly what you ordered last year, but know you need more of the same product, with the same specification? Online accounts hold onto all your previous order information so with the click of a button, you can simply add those same products into your cart to place a new order. Your online account will now even make recommendations for similar products that you might like to try, based on your purchase history.

Interested in finding out more about online ordering? Visit our Columns & Consumables online ordering homepage or check out our IC systems page.

Ready to set up an online account? You can register today by visiting this page.