2023 Global IC Symposium – Be Curious, Be Very Curious

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2023 Global IC Symposium – Be Curious, Be Very Curious

Team TFS
Team TFS

To all the lovers of science and chromatography — especially ion chromatography users — to pique your curiosity this year we would like to inspire you to ignite your minds with what ion chromatography can do at the 2023 Global IC Symposium, April 18-20.


Be Curiouis IC Sympoisium.jpgIon chromatography has been around for many years and is the best-kept secret to liquid chromatography. It reaches all the charged and polarizable analytes and speciates what many other analytical techniques cannot. At this symposium, Thermo Fisher Scientific will showcase many application talks from IC users and experts about how they use IC to solve their analytical challenges. From routine to novel approaches that can be applied across multifunctional markets with standalone to hyphenated setups.


This is a three-day virtual event with three different regional time zones for you to attend. We understand that it’s difficult to allocate the time to watch all the fantastic talks live, so we have made it easy for you to catch up on-demand any time after the live broadcast. All you need to do is register, and the presentations will be at your fingertips.


With the current economic climate of many travel restrictions and environmental concerns, we have created this virtual event to maximize your interactions and fun. There will be a poster session to showcase some of our R&D and application teams’ work, which has been presented at conferences and events. You can download many useful resources, and for those who are competitive, there will be an IC consumables scavenger hunt. Please come and see if you can top our leaderboard!


2023 IC Symposium.pngEvent Highlights


April 18: Live sessions and workshops for North and South America – Discover IC column development and where it's headed with mass spectrometry, as it can be an integral detection method for carbohydrate profiling and environmental metabolites characterization. Learn how standalone IC can solve industrial samples and degradation products with comprehensive IC information, all at once.


April 19: Live sessions and workshops for Europe and Africa – Untap the versatility of ion chromatography with challenging analytes such as chlorate, sulfite, cationic polar pesticides, and glycoprotein sialic acid in tricky matrices while optimizing your workflow.


April 20: Live sessions and workshops for Asia Pacific – Expand the world of electrochemistry applications and IC hyphenation with high-resolution mass spectrometry and understand how Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry can speciate isotopes while simplifying Pharmacopeia QC analysis and keeping your IC in top-notch condition.


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