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Analyzing tramp amines in crude unit overhead

Monitoring amine concentrations in refinery overhead systems is critical for preventing amine chloride salt deposition and subsequent under-deposit corrosion. Many sources of amines are introduced to the crude unit either directly or in upstream proc...

Incorporating lock masses with Q Exactive HF

We perform routine mass calibrations on our Q Exactive HF system--at least every five days but often more frequently--but do not typically incorporate lock masses in our methods. In an analysis run on a calibration day, we can achieve acceptable mass...

mnewmeyer by Involved Contributor
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What did you learn during ASMS this year?

Did you join in on the ASMS conference this year? We can't believe this year marked the 69th year of this annual conference. Let us know what you learned while you were there... Looking for resources from our activities during the conference? Click t...

Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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MAM 2.0 3D Virtual Lab Tour

Come and take your seat for an immersive 3D virtual lab tour on November 18, with interactive workflow demonstrations, to discover Thermo Scientifics revolutionary MAM 2.0 workflow... https://events.streamgo.live/multi-attribute-method-mam-3d-virtual...

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AnalyteGuru.com - Analytical Science Online Community

AnalyteGuru.com online community is a platform for analytical scientists to network, to collaborate and to support one another. The goal? Educational materials, faster answers and a space for scientific discussion. Register today to join the conversa...

Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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What Are Haloacetic Acids?: Quick Coffee Break Chat

What are haloacetic acids? With drinking water regulations changing, this is the first in a series of chats on the topic of haloacetic acids: What are they are? Where do they come from and why we must measure them?A Quick Coffee Break Chat with Simon...

Hidden and Valuable

I have always enjoyed finding something that is hidden, either intentionally or unintentionally, and turns out to be valuable, exciting, or entertaining. After taking a closeup photo of a wildflower, sometimes I will later notice that I captured an i...

A Different Kind of Honey

I thought a knew a lot about honey until I read a recently published article on analyzing honey from stingless honeybees. I had no idea that there was such an insect, and more importantly I learned that the honey from these bees is very different, in...

Plant Sciences

A Plant Sciences forum would be a great addition to your site. Plant science is largely overlooked in analytical research. Thanks

Howie707 by Involved Contributor II
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Welcome Planet Orbitrap Members

Welcome — and thank you for visiting us in the AnalyteGuru community. The next step is for you to register on the site to join in the conversation. As a member, you will continue to enjoy access to the relevant application and product information you...

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GeorgeTFS by Community Manager
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How do I use search in the AnalyteGuru community?

Search Guide – 6 Steps to using search in the community 1. To start – Use the search bar, type the word or best-fit phrase. 2. If you are interested in searching for an exact phrase – bookend the phrase between quotation marks. 3. Suggested search is...

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Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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Fully-Automated Enzyme Optimal pH Analysis

See how the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Enzyme Master enzyme analyzer will automate your workflow, and give you the ability to provide parallel optimal pH measurements, full traceability, and reliable method development and transferability.

How do I subscribe to the blog?

You can subscribe to the blog in a few easy steps! Go to the Blog page: https://www.analyteguru.com/t5/Blog/bg-p/analyteguru_blogs Below the main banner, to the right, click the Subscribe button. Once you subscribe, you will see a confirmation:

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GeorgeTFS by Community Manager
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