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Resolved! Hypochlorite determination by IC?

Hello,Is it possible to measere hypochlorite (ClO-) anion (high dilution, low level concentration, ppb-ppm range) with the following setup, KOH EG, AS19 column, ADRS 600 suppressor, CD detector?I didn't find any application note where the measurable ...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Nano LC-MS Podcast

Is LC really a must for MS? Listen to Alex from Thermo Scientific in episode 1 of our podcast with LCGC to hear why MS can't exist without LC.

Emerging Topics in Food Safety

Emerging Topics in Food Safety is a quarterly event series designed to showcase #foodsafety issues that are important in the European, Middle East and Africa regions. Each session will highlight different food safety topics covering those that are mo...


Resolved! Analysis of plating bath solutons by ion chromaography

Hello,The analytical task is to measure anions and cations (not transition metals) with IC from plating bath solutions.This solutions contains high level of transition metals, what could make problems in column, suppressor.Do somebody have experience...

peterjakab by Involved Contributor II
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Compound Discoverer 3.3 released

Compound Discoverer version 3.3 has just been released. New features in this version include: New peak detection algorithm Peak rating calculation and filter New method for retention time alignment Searches entire MSn spectral trees against the mzClo...

Join the 12 Day Riddle Challenge Here

Are you the merriest or the brightest? We'd like to see! Just subscribe to "Riddle Challenge" below to follow along starting Monday December 06. We will reward you with a festive profile badge just for attempting to answer. Those who answer all 12 (w...

Molly_I2 by Community Manager
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ICP Virtual Demos for Trace Elemental Analysis

Do you want to learn more about #elementalanalysis with #ICPOES or #ICPMS? Get access to our virtual demo webinars with Niel, Matthew and Simon and learn in a hands on session about hardware, software and applications. All session are now available o...

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