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Festive Deals for Your Chromatography Consumables

Did someone say Christmas? Aside from presents, delicious food and fairy lights, why not treat your lab with all your chromatography essentials for a great price ahead of the new year? Our big end-of-...

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近日,为了庆祝 Vanquish Flex UHPLC国产化,赛默飞开启了‘中国质量’见证官活动。 为了让线上见证官们同样能享受到见证官专属福利,现推出拼搭积木挑战游戏!参与互动的前20名,将获得Vanquish Flex UHPLC 拼搭积木一份! 活动规则: 1. 注册并登陆AnalyteGuru社区 2. 在此活动贴,回复“见证中国质量的诞生”。 3. 按照回复时间的前20名,我们将私信您,届时请您提供寄送信息,以便寄送奖品(仅限寄送地址为中国的用户参与) 4. 回帖分享那你的拼搭成果,并...

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Yuxiang by Community Manager
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