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Meet the Team

Role Description The Community Manager provides the overall direction and helps evolve the community by launching new initiatives and functionalities. Community Moderators help ensure that all community members feel welcome in the community and get q...

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AnalyteGuru Community Guidelines

Everything we do starts with you. Our goal is to foster a safe environment for you and your peers to network, ask questions, and offer solutions within the global scientific community. Let us make this a valuable experience for everyone by following ...

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What will I find on the AnalyteGuru blog?

The AnalyteGuru blog is your educational resource for the latest applications, information and research in sample preparation, chromatography, mass spectrometry, trace elemental analysis and laboratory data management. Since 2012 the purpose of the b...

GeorgeTFS by Community Manager
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What are Scientific Communities?

Scientific Communities are forums where you can find conversations focused on specific industries – e.g., pharma/biopharma, environmental, food & beverage; or those centered around specific techniques – e.g., mass spectrometry or liquid chromatograph...

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What is a knowledgebase?

A knowledgebase (also called a tribal knowledgebase) is a collection of articles that captures and organizes helpful community information. Knowledgebases are great community resources for several reasons: You can search for knowledgebase articles or...

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Links to help you get started with AnalyteGuru
MZ Cloud - A State of the Art Mass Spectral Database

A freely searchable collection of high resolution accurate mass spectra that can be accessed online, free of charge.

AppsLab Library - Find your method, download and run.
AppsLab Library  is a fully searchable online, analytical method repository. Try it today!

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